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Who is it made for?

Over 90% of Americans are deficient in the Trace and Ultra-Trace minerals in Hi-Trace as many of the trace elements once abundant in soil have been washed into our oceans and inland seas through aggressive farming*. Hi-Trace was developed so you can get 72 ionic trace minerals your body needs, in perfect balance by adding them to your water pitcher or water bottle daily after filtering.

What are the Benefits?

  • Hi-Trace is an all-natural, Trace Minerals supplement*.
  • Hi-Trace is perfectly balanced to provide a full spectrum of trace minerals to remineralize water*.
  • Over 90% of people in the US are deficient in key minerals. Historically, trace minerals have come from eating a raw food diet. Today, the soil has largely been depleted of these minerals due to over-farming.
  • By providing trace minerals in their natural, liquid ionic form, they are easily added to filtered water.
  • Zero Calories. Zero Sugar. Vegan. Non-GMO. Gluten Free. Made in USA

What ingredients are used?

Ingredients include 72 trace minerals as well as balanced ions of magnesium, sodium and chloride.

When should you take this product?

Adding Hi-Trace to beverages, foods and recipes will help fortify and re-mineralize them. To guard against mineral alteration, Hi-Trace should be added to fortify any recipe after the heating process (do not boil). It’s also safe to add it to baked goods before they go in the oven.

How do I use the product?

Add Hi-Trace to water, or any other liquid, to create an isotonic beverage that replaces trace minerals lost through sweat, exercise or foods grown in over-farmed soil. Add just 2-3 drops per 8 oz of water (or 20-40 drops per gallon) or to your taste preference.

No Artificial Ingredients

No Added Sugar

No Maltodextrin or Fillers

No Soy, Corn or Peanuts


“The best part about this complex is there is zero maltodextrins or sugar.”


“It is sugar-free, calorie-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, and keto-friendly.”


“With zero sugar and zero calories, this offers nothing but supplements to help you recover as quickly as possible.”


“Recover from that tough workout faster with this Hi Lyte Electrolyte Supplement For Rapid Hydration"


Electrolytes are critical to performance, and recovery.

Hi-Lyte naturally replaces electrolytes that are lost through sweat, prevents muscle cramps and aids in post workout recovery.

Enjoy Adapted Nutrition products worry free.

Adapted Nutrition is committed to helping people transform their diet and fitness habits for a better, healthier life.

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Tatiana W.
Got my energy back!

Before I tried this I had been feeling sluggish and having trouble sleeping. I’ve been adding Hi-Trace to my water pitcher and I’m feeling energized again during the day and sleeping better at night. I had no idea Trace Minerals can make such a big difference!!

Easy to use

I wasn't hydrating properly most of the time and read that trace minerals that aren't in alot of our foods and diet can help in overall wellness so i gave these a shot. Super easy to use, I feel like it has shown positive results when I am exercising, my muscles havent fatigued as quickly.