Keto Diet Pills: Do They Really Work

Keto Diet Pills: Do They Really Work

These days people are always searching for the next big thing when it comes to getting healthy or losing weight, but it’s safe to say there is no magic diet pill that can take away all the work for you. Living a healthy lifestyle takes time, consistency, and patience with whichever diet you chose to follow. Speaking of diets, let’s talk about the ketogenic diet. The ketogenic diet continues to make waves in the health and fitness industry because of the benefits people are seeing from it. Truly, the results speak for themselves. When a person wants to enter ketosis, you can’t rely on a diet pill to do all the work for you. A keto diet pill needs to be looked at as a supporting agent to the diet. Let us break it down for you from the beginning!  

What Is Keto? 

The ketogenic diet, also known more commonly as the keto diet, is a food-based plan that puts your body in a state of ketosis. When your body enters ketosis it switches to burning fats as your source of energy rather than glucose. You are essentially cutting down your carbohydrate intake to a small amount while in-taking an increased amount of high-fat foods. Goodbye potato chips and hello fat bombs! Fat bombs are a delicious high-fat, keto snack-size bite. Perfect as a snack, for an energy boost, or simply as a treat. 

Benefits of Keto? 

If you ask us here at Adapted Nutrition it’s the people of the keto community that are the real heroes. They are the ones who decide to make a diet change to live a better and healthier life. Following a keto diet, it’s not just for those who are trying to drop a few pounds. The benefits of keto go way beyond that! Some perks to living a keto lifestyle include the following: 

  • Supports weight loss
  • Lowers blood sugar levels 
  • Prevents heart disease 
  • May reduce seizures 
  • Improves brain function 

And the list goes on! There’s no hiding the greatness that this diet has to offer. After all, most people looking into keto diet pills are either on the keto diet or interested in following it. So, chances are you already know about all the pros that come with this lifestyle.  

What Do Keto Diet Pills Do? 

If you were to do a search for diet pills on the internet, you would find a ton of products claiming to help you lose weight or gain muscle without doing anything else. The cold honest truth is that there is no such thing as a diet pill that takes away all the challenges that come with living a keto lifestyle. The keto life isn’t challenging to follow once you get the hang of it, but any diet change can come with its obstacles. That’s why there are keto diet pills! Keto diet pills are designed to support your body while transitioning into ketosis and to help maintain the ketogenic state. 

When looking for keto-friendly, dietary supplements you are most likely to find “exogenous ketone supplements.” You already know that the keto diet involves burning fat for energy instead of glucose, but you might not know that this process causes your body to produce “ketones” which are what your body uses for energy instead of glucose.

There are two kinds of ketones, endogenous and exogenous, which is just a fancy way of specifying if a ketone was produced inside of your body or introduced from outside of your body. So, the ketones you get from pills come from outside of your body and are therefore called exogenous ketones.

These ketones, when introduced to your body, do mimic some of the effects of entering a state of ketosis. Consuming these pills will increase the number of ketones in your blood which can aid you in a number of benefits. This makes them useful when you are first starting a ketogenic diet by causing you to enter a state of ketosis much faster, and they may help alleviate some of the symptoms of the keto flu.

How Can Keto Diet Pills Help?

Keto diet pills are useful in the sense that they compensate for the areas where a person may lack in nutrition while following the keto diet. For example, when carb intake is significantly low it’s common to feel the side effects of low electrolytes. When a person is low on electrolytes, they feel crummy- It’s as simple as that! Keto diet pills can help in a variety of ways:

  • They can help relieve symptoms of the keto flu and sometimes avoid it altogether 
  • Help you enter the state of ketosis quicker
  • Improve mental clarity
  • Increase energy
  • Reduce hunger

Most keto diet pills are equipped with electrolytes, BHB and other essential nutrients and minerals fit for a keto diet. However, not all keto diet pills are created equal. We suggest finding a reputable company such as Adapted Nutrition for high-quality keto products, without any hidden fillers that spike blood sugar and kick you out of ketosis, artificial ingredients, or added sugars. The last thing you want is to take a supplement to later find out it kicked you out of ketosis.

Should I Take Keto Diet Pills?

Whether or not you should take exogenous ketone dietary supplements very much depends on you and where you are on your keto journey. If you are not following a keto diet then you probably shouldn’t take them. They aren’t a quick-fix and you shouldn’t go out and load up on carbs and then expect a pill to fix it afterward.

For those of you that are following a keto diet, you might find some benefits from taking them as you start your keto journey. They can speed up the process of getting into ketosis (and feeling the benefits faster can help you stick to the diet) and it is possible that they will help to alleviate your keto flu symptoms early on in the process.

In conclusion, Adapted Nutrition can help you to make it through the difficult period that comes with changing your diet and adapting to your new energy source. If you do choose to take keto-friendly diet pills then make sure you stick to a high-quality brand like Adapted Nutrition that only offers clean products with no additives or fillers.