How do I start keto?

How to Start a Keto Diet: Tips and Tricks

With a sea of information out there on the ketogenic diet, it can be hard to understand what to do.

This is why we’ve made a simple step-by-step for a keto diet.

Make sure to stick to the end so you can become a keto expert. 


What to Eat on a Keto Diet:

In a keto diet, you’ll be replacing carbohydrates with fat as your body’s main source of energy during a process known as ketosis.


Let’s review the macros of the diet a little further.


Standard Ketogenic Diet (SKD)

There are many iterations of a keto diet, but we’ll keep it simple since this is the most common iteration.

This variation of the keto diet has low-carb, some protein, and high-fat intake.

  • 5% Carbs 
  • 20 % Protein
  • 75% Fat

    High-fat foods you should eat on a keto diet:

    • Meat & Poultry
    • Eggs
    • Avocados
    • Plain Greek Yogurt
    • Nuts
    • Cream
    • Butter
    • Olive Oil


    You’ll have to experiment with it to see what works for you, however, this is a great start.


    What NOT to Eat on a Keto Diet

    While on a keto diet, there are foods that are off-limits since they will interrupt your body’s adaption process to burning fat as fuel, also known as ketosis.


    High-carb foods you should avoid on a keto diet:

    • Bread
    • Pasta
    • Grains (rice, oats, wheat)
    • Sugar
    • Starchy fruits (apples, bananas, peaches)
    • Starchy veggies (potatoes, yams, corn)


    Sample Meal Plan

    Here are a few meal ideas to give you an idea of what your meals would be comprised of.



    • Fried eggs and ham with some cheese.


    • Burger with no bun with bacon and cheese with some guacamole on the side.


    • Salmon or Steak with eggs and vegetables cooked in coconut butter.


    • A handful of seeds and nuts
    • Dark Chocolate (90% or higher)
    • Cheese


    Intermittent Fasting is your best friend

    When you’re intermittent fasting your body keeps its energy balanced by alternating from carbs to fats as fuel sources, which compliments the keto diet.


    Think of it as a supercharged keto diet.


    Fasting can be difficult to practice, but you can intake certain things that keep you satiated during your fast.


    MCT Oil works great for appetite suppression during your fasting period. Just add it to your morning coffee or any other drink to get its benefits.


    Pure MCT oil derives from Caprylic acid (known as C8) and is better suited for a keto diet as it helps suppress appetite more effectively than its counterparts.


    Be sure to check out our store regularly as we’ll be releasing our own 100% C8 Coconut MCT Oil!    


    Supplementation on a Keto Diet

    One of the main reasons people quit a keto diet is because of the lack of electrolytes.


    During the first couple of days of a keto diet, you might experience flu-like symptoms, known as the keto flu, due to the lack of essential minerals known as electrolytes.


    Here are some must-have supplements to help you stay on track and keep the keto flu away.



    The Keto K1000 Electrolyte Powder is an electrolyte supplement specifically designed for a keto diet


    Dissolve one scoop inside a 16-ounce glass of water to get 1,000mg of potassium which will help you to beat keto flu and support muscle recovery and high energy levels.


    It also has no sugar or maltodextrin so it won’t increase your blood sugar levels, making it a great keto-friendly supplement.


    Cheat meals, drinking and other fun stuff

    It’s going to happen: you’re going to binge on a cheat meal one day or go out drinking with your friends rendering all your keto efforts useless up to that point.


    When this happens your goal should be to get back into ketosis as soon as possible.


    We’ve all been there, so thankfully we have something that will help you get back into ketosis instantly.


    Take one of our Keto Burn BHB Pills with an 8oz cup of water capsule form to get you back into ketosis instantly after you had a cheat meal or enjoyed some drinks. 


    • Collagen: Make sure to choose a collagen supplement with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid to improve the bioavailability of the collagen and get the most benefit
    • Organic Wheatgrass juice powder: Supplements many of the key nutrients, micronutrients and trace minerals your body needs on keto but it is hard to get on a keto diet.


    Tips & Tricks for a Keto Diet

    Here are a couple of great resources to help you with your keto journey.


    Tracking Macros

    Carb Manager (Android and iOS) is easy to use a smartphone app that allows you to keep track of your macros in a simple way. We highly encourage you to get this so you can watch your carbs carefully and stay in ketosis.


    Keto Strips

    There are typically two methods for measuring ketosis: blood and urine keto strips. 


    Blood keto strips, which are used by pricking your finger to obtain a blood sample, tend to be more accurate in the long run.

    If you don’t want to prick your finger you can try the urine keto strip which you can use by... well, it’s pretty self-explanatory.


    Well, we hope you learned a thing or two in order to get started on your keto journey!


    Don’t forget to check out our store for the best products to help you maximize your keto journey.