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Keto K-Caps Electrolytes

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Meet your clean, convenient electrolyte supplement to beat keto flu and feel great on your low-carb diet. Contains the most potassium of any electrolyte capsule for more energy and less cramps.

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Who is Keto K-Caps Electrolytes for?

They’re formulated for low-carb dieters struggling with energy problems, muscle cramps, exercise issues, headaches, and other keto flu symptoms. With 700 mg potassium per serving (plus magnesium and sodium), Keto IV has enough electrolytes that may make a difference—so you can get back to feeling and performing your best.

What are the benefits of Keto K-Caps Electrolytes?

BOOST ENERGY. Deficiencies in potassium and other electrolytes lead to low energy. We made Keto K-Caps to help fix this problem.
KETO FLU PREVENTION. Take Keto K-Caps to help beat keto flu, which should really be called “low electrolyte flu”.
ENHANCED EXERCISE. Keto K-Caps supply the potassium, sodium, and magnesium to help power your nervous system during your favorite activities. You’ll feel the difference.
TRAVEL FRIENDLY. Easy to pack so you can feel good on keto wherever you go.

What are the Ingredients in Keto K-Caps Electrolytes?

Electrolytes like potassium, sodium and magnesium. No sugar or fillers. See the label (above) for full ingredients list.

How do I use Keto K-Caps Electrolytes?


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Catherine I.
United States United States

Great product for Keto

Was having some severe leg cramps from keypads and Keyo Caps daily has eliminated my issue. Can’t be without it!!

Catherine I.
United States United States

Amazing relief

Started Keto and was having severe leg cramps during the night. Taking this every night with dinner has helped tremendously. Thanks so much!

Catherine I.
United States United States


I was having severe leg cramps while being on a ketogenic diet and these worked like a charm!! Cramps are gone

Lillian H.
United States United States

No More Leg Cramps!

I have been taking the Keto K-Caps for about two and a half months now and my charlie horse leg cramps are gone! The cramps used to be extremely painful, waking me up out of a dead sleep on a regular occasion, and now no more! I had no idea the Keto supplements could help with charlie horses, but after some research found these and am very happy!

Dale N.
United States United States

How quick and easy...

No powder to mess with... just pop a capsule and off ya go. And you get the same effect of powder.

Michelle J.
United States United States

Too much sodium

I didn't check the sodium content in this product. I'm not sodium deficient. It would be a great product if you are.