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“The best part about this complex is there is zero maltodextrins or sugar.”


“It is sugar-free, calorie-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, and keto-friendly.”


“With zero sugar and zero calories, this offers nothing but supplements to help you recover as quickly as possible.”


“Recover from that tough workout faster with this Hi Lyte Electrolyte Supplement For Rapid Hydration"


“Recover from that tough workout faster with this Hi Lyte Electrolyte Supplement For Rapid Hydration"


“Recover from that tough workout faster with this Hi Lyte Electrolyte Supplement For Rapid Hydration"


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Great for POTS

EDIT 2: Changing back to 5 stars post food allergy testing. After eliminating 20+ food allergens from my diet, I'm tolerating Hi-Lyte well, thankfully. "Unflavored" electrolyte products for kids did not provide the salts my body desperately needed. My blood pressure fell and my heart rate climbed. I NEED the salts in Hi-Lyte! EDIT: Review was originally 5 stars. This delicious electrolyte powder caused intense digestive distress at week 2 of use. Magnesium Citrate is a powerful laxative for some of us. Hope this product is updated with a non-laxative form of magnesium in the near future! My heart rate climbed to 248 bpm a month ago while I was dancing. And, my pulse was 30+ bpm higher when standing vs sitting. Yikes. After some research and conversation with an avid researcher-friend, I chose this formulation because of the higher sodium levels. I perspire a lot and desperately needed the added salt for my aerobic dance habit. However, I have terrible digestive reactions to **** magnesium supplements. Terrible. Natural Calm is a favorite of my husband's, but I can tolerate 1/4 teaspoon (with caution) only. To my complete surprise, I can tolerate Hi-lyte Electrolyte Powder's magnesium. Whoa. I have spent WAY too much money trying to find an **** magnesium supplement I could tolerate. Thanks to Hi-Lyte, my magnesium needs are being met. Awesome. Taking two Salt Stick Vitassiums, three 16 oz servings of Hi-Lyte Electrolyte Powder, and many glasses of water and tea every day has brought my pulse rate (standing vs sitting) to within 10 bpm. And, my heart rate stays below 160 bpm even after 60-120 minutes of intense aerobic dance. This result has dramatically changed my anxiety levels post 248 bpm episode, too. Outstanding. The flavor: I am a BIG fan. Personally, I prefer salty snacks over sweet and rarely eat sweets unless it is bittersweet chocolate. I'm delighted with the slightly salty, barely sweet flavor. It reminds me of a better tasting unflavored Pedialyte. My daughter, however, thinks this tastes like "milk" which she intensely dislikes. She prefers a different brand that my husband and I intensely dislike. So, if you prefer savory snacks to sweet snacks, you may appreciate the subtle flavors in Hi-Lyte. Otherwise, try something else. I'm grateful. Thank you, Hi-Lyte!

Morning after drink

Great for hangovers!

Works great

This has really helped me stay hydrated during and after workouts or long hikes! Flavor isn't that bad either.

An Acceptable flavor without unnecessary additives

I don’t think I can give 5 stars to this product on taste, because it’s an electrolyte replacement drink that avoids artificial ingredients. In other words, it does what it is supposed to do, replaces electrolytes. I was purposely avoiding the fruity, artificially flavored, and colored, and overly sweet alternatives. Hi-Lyte is effective, not bad tasting, and free of the artificial ingredients I wanted to avoid. I will buy it again.


Works great

Thanks I needed that

Just what I needed

Electrolytes are critical to performance, and recovery.

Hi-Lyte naturally replaces electrolytes that are lost through sweat, prevents muscle cramps and aids in post workout recovery.

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Adapted Nutrition is committed to helping people transform their diet and fitness habits for a better, healthier life.

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Who is it made for?

Hi-Lyte electrolyte powder is perfect for people who prefer natural products and need to supplement electrolytes due to exercise, heat, travel or even a late-night out! Hi-Lyte’s clean natural formula was designed to work with a low carb, keto, vegan or paleo diet. Hi-Lyte’s hydration amplifying formula has the same electrolyte sodium as 2-3 sports drinks with more than 10x the potassium to beat muscle cramps and help your muscles recover faster. Hi-Lyte has no sugar, calories or artificial ingredients. No artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors or preservatives of any kind!

What are the Benefits?

  • You don't need sugar and calories for rapid rehydration! Our Natural, Non-GMO electrolyte powder with no calories, carbs or sugar can be added to 16oz of water for rapid hydration. 75% of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration and over 90% lack other key minerals such as magnesium provided by Hi-Lyte. Given that, MOST people are actually dehydrated at any given time and need a boost of electrolytes for optimal physical and mental performance.
  • Hi-Lyte includes three times the electrolytes of traditional sports drinks with No Sugar, Carbs or Calories. With 500mg of Potassium, 500mg of Sodium and 100mg of Magnesium in every serving, Hi-Lyte is one of the most powerful electrolyte formulas on the planet. Hi-Lyte Electrolyte powder gives you everything you need for rapid hydration. Nothing More. Nothing Less.
  • Symptoms of dehydration include dry mouth, fatigue, headache, dizziness, confusion and muscle cramps. Maximize your hydration and replenish your body and cells. One Serving of Hi-Lyte can provide the same hydration as 2-3 bottles of water.
  • Hi-Lyte utilizes natural hydration amplification science to deliver more electrolytes to your bloodstream, faster than water alone.
  • Clean, simple, premium ingredients. Great Orange Citrus Taste! Made in USA in a GMP certified facility. Non-GMO. No artificial sweeteners, colors or flavor or preservatives. No: Gluten, dairy or soy. 100% Vegan. Paleo & Keto Friendly.

What ingredients are used?

Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Sodium, Potassium

When should you take this product?

Hi-Lyte™ electrolyte powder is perfect for use while exercising as it replaces electrolytes lost through sweating, prevents muscle cramps, and helps you recover quickly post-workout. You can also take Hi-Lyte™ powder before or after consuming alcoholic beverages to help keep hydrated. May also be used for electrolyte supplementation for Dysautonomia, CF, POTS, and EDS.

How do I use the product?

Mix 1 scoop in a 16 ounce glass of water.

No Artificial Ingredients

No Added Sugar

No Maltodextrin or Fillers

No Soy, Corn or Peanuts