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Keto K1000 Sampler Pack

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Keto K1000 electrolyte powder provides the perfect balance of electrolytes with no sugar and maltodextrin, Keto K1000 supports hydration, muscle recovery and healthy energy levels for fitness, intermittent fasting and low carb lifestyles.

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Who is Keto K1000 Sampler Pack for?

Keto K1000 was designed specifically for people on a keto diet and is the highest potassium Electrolyte Powder available. K1000 was designed for powerful hydration that promotes endurance, eliminates cramps and eliminates Keto flu! The best part about this complex is there is NO maltodextrin or sugar – it’s just straight electrolytes in a lemon raspberry/watermelon/orange flavor with a touch of stevia. Maltodextrin is a white powder made from corn, rice, potato starch, or wheat. However, maltodextrin’s glycemic index is higher than table sugar, ranging from 106 to 136. This means that it can raise your blood sugar level very quickly. Almost all electrolyte powders use maltodextrin but Keto K1000 does not.

What are the benefits of Keto K1000 Sampler Pack?

COMPLETE NUTRITION Complete mineral and trace minerals drink with 1,000mg of potassium. Delicious Raspberry Lemon taste
NO ADDITIVES There is NO sugar, calories, maltodextrin, GMO's, or gluten
PEAK HYDRATION CELLULAR ENERGY Electrolytes are needed for cellular energy, muscle, and nerve function. This drink will help you replenish and rejuvenate your cellular energy so you stay hydrated.
POTASSIUM RICH This complete and balanced, soluble electrolyte powder gives you 1000 mg of potassium per serving size. No electrolyte powder on the market has more! Our bodies need 4,700 mg of potassium citrate each day and many people only get a fraction of this in their diet. You’ll also get the other key electrolytes in perfect balance.

What are the Ingredients in Keto K1000 Sampler Pack?

Ingredients include balanced ions of magnesium, sodium, chloride, and sulfate.

How do I use Keto K1000 Sampler Pack?


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Mahmoud A.
United States United States

less portions

this was a discounted offer, but I found it has less portions than the usual purchase

Anntoinette M.
United States United States

i love my stuff!!

I could not live without the K1000. I had leg cramps all my adult life and now no more. Cream of tarter has potassium and I used to eat that. This is way better. Leg cramps happening in the night and disturbed my sleep with pain. The calf muscles would tighten up like there was a baseball in my calf. Now, it is all gone. I have been a K-1000 user for three years now. This site is the best value. I take 4 scoopfuls a day and go through a container every other week or so. It is a must for me.

Susan L.
United States United States

Love the Flavors

Enjoy the flavors. Will definitely buy again.

Anntoinette M.
United States United States

My k 1000 purchase

We hv been taking k 1000 or Dr berg electrolytes for years since that has been the only thing that has staved off leg cramps. The 4 scoops a day is exactly what I need. The product is so good and so is the customer service. I do it via email n the turnaround answers r so quick. It is not the problems but how they are fixed, i can have never had a problem that eas not resolved so quickly. We live a mostly keto life n we could not do it without the k 1000. We recommend it for a healthy life. N this is a great customer oriented company w real people at the other side of my email.

Anntoinette M.
United States United States

K1000 sampler pack

I take four servings of this a day. My husband does two or three scoops. I need it because for the First time ever in my life I have no leg cramps. If I stop taking four scoops a day which is recommended by the doctors for the level of potassium which create electrolytes, I would get leg cramps. I am 5'2 and I weigh 110 lb and I exercise 6 days a week. Having like cramps with really put a dent in that. I really like this product. I have to say I do not like the non-flavored product. So what I did was when I get my four pack because it's cheaper to get a four pack than individuals, I mix it all together in one tub and I redistribute it. That makes for a really good taste. The unflavored one is just salty because of electrolytes. This is a true review because I'm here to tell you, nothing has ever worked for my leg cramps, when I see leg cramp medication in Costco behind the counter and I asked to read the ingredients it was all natural holistic things. Electrolytes work. And this gives me more electrolytes than any other product. It's well worth the money and I have been a customer for years. If they were more stars I would give it to them because it does exactly what I wanted to do.

Anntoinette M.
United States United States

Keto food plan imperative.

My husband and I have been following a quasi keto lifestyle for the past three years and we have found without four servings a day for each of us of the electrolyte powder, will get leg cramps. In fact I've gotten like cramps all my life and since starting the k1000 I only get leg cramps if I miss a couple of days. So if you're looking for electrolytes and this is exactly what's needed. I also have my husband drink more when he is mowing the lawn in the summer.