The Adapted Nutrition POTS Club is strictly for individuals with dysautonomia, POTS or EDS that supplement salt and electrolytes.  

If this describes you, a child or dependent you care for, then we encourage you to join the Adapted Nutrition POTS Club today.

Hi-Lyte Capsules were formulated to provide salts and electrolytes to support healthy blood pressure, reduce fatigue and support cognitive function.

If you are an individual whose physician has recommended additional intake of salt (sodium), Hi-Lyte Capsules may be helpful to increase your electrolyte sodium intake in a simple capsule format. 

Gluten Free
Made in USA

Electrolytes are most helpful when taken with water so we recommend fluid intake of approximately two liters per day as well.

Every individual will have a different "ideal" usage. We suggest that you consult with your physician on what may work best for you.

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